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Frequently Asked Questions
updated Sept. 2015


What is the difference in a Miniature/Toy Australian Shepherd and a standard Australian Shepherd?

The only difference is size.  If they are quality minis or toys, they should look identical to a standard aussie.

What colors are mini aussies?

Standard colors are Blue/Red merles and Black/Red tri's or bi's.  See this page for a ton of interesting information about aussie coloring and genetics.  Click Here  This is an amazing site with TONS of information.

When can you tell a puppies eye color?

I can usually have a pretty good idea by about 4 weeks.  

Do they all have blue eyes?

Aussies can have shades of blue, green, brown or even a mixture.  Some can have eyes of different colors, some are marbled or split.  Example 1 eye might be blue and the other is 1/2 blue and 1/2 green.  You can see more info on the page listed above.

How big is a mini aussie?  A toy?

Mini aussies are 14-17 inches.  Some registries will accept them up to 18 inches. Toys are 13 inches and smaller.  However, some registries consider a toy 14 inches and under.

Can you guarantee size? Absolutely not.  I wish I had the crystal ball, but I don't.  Its just like trying to guarantee how tall your kids will be.  An educated guess is the best possible guess.  Remember, a vet deals with many different breeds.  A good educated guess is most likly from someone who specializes in the breed. 
How do I estimate size? Size is complicated and it depends on more factors than just the size of the parents.  It also has a lot to do with the dogs several generations back.  For example, a dog that is out of a 10 inch male and a 15 inch female, even if he stays 10 inches will more than likely produce litters of all sizes.  From 9 inches to 17 or bigger.  I've learned this over the years.  Consistency is important.  Comparing to other puppies in the litter as they get older also helps.  Knowing the bloodlines and the dogs in the background is a tremendous help and a big factor in how I estimate sizes of puppies mature size.
Is there a chart to estimate size? No.
Well, yes there is, but they do not work.  They are false advertisement.
I have personally had puppies that weigh under 2 pounds grow up to be 16 inch 30 pound dogs.  I've also had puppies that are 3 pounds at 8 weeks grow up to be 10 inches and 7 pounds.
Size at birth definitely doesn't matter.
Experience, knowing bloodlines several generations back and comparing with littermates and past litters are the best tools.  Still- no guarantees!

Do mini aussies shed a lot?

Some have more of a coat than others, so of course, some shed more than others.  There is a brush called the FURminator.  It works wonderful and you'll see a lot less hair if you use it only twice a month!

What kind of coats do mini aussies have?

Coats can range from long silky hair to fluffy and thick.  Some have working coats and are a little bit shorter.

 Males or females?  What makes a better pet?

I know some people live by their beliefs that males are better or females are better.  After raising minis and spending alot of time with both sexes I have not noticed any significant behavior differences.  Both make wonderful companions.

If I already have a pet, male or female, should I get the same sex or opposite?

If you're just looking for a pet and plan to spay/neuter it doesn't make any difference.  I have two un-neutered males that live in my house. They get along great!  Its just a matter of preference. 

How do mini aussies get along with children and other pets?

Minis are great with children and are wonderful family pets.  They are also accepting of other pets.  Remember, they are herding dogs and can sometimes herd the cats, dogs or other family members!

Do mini aussies need training?


Yes!  All puppies need to be trained with consistency and love.  Aussies love to be involved in family activities and do best with families that provide obedience training, socialization and exercise.  Aussies are naturally reserved around strangers and need to be properly socialized early in their lives.  They are also extremely loyal dogs; wanting to be by their masters side more than anything else on the planet!  Aussies are extremely smart and want nothing more than to please their owner.  They can very easily be trained to do anything!

Are mini aussies registered with AKC?  How are they registered?

No, AKC does not recognize mini aussies as a breed yet.  My dogs are registered with ASDR.  I don't use NSDR anymore.  However, if you want to register your puppy with NSDR you can hardship them.  They will not have papers with pedigree from them, but they will from ASDR.

Do you sell your puppies with papers?

Yes, my puppies all come with full registration papers   No additional fees will be added for breeding rights unless otherwise specified.

Do you ship your puppies?

Yes.  My preferred airline carrier is Continental.  Puppies fly in temperature controlled cargo.  Its the same as being a passenger.  Other airlines are available but prices may vary. 

How much is shipping?

Shipping is $450.  Price includes airline charges, crate, vet check, health certificate and certificate of acclimation.  I do not charge for driving to the airport.  However, I do try to ship more than one puppy at a time to make it worth the drive.  Its almost a $100 trip for me!

Are these costs included in the price of the puppy?

No, all shipping fees are the responsibility of the buyer.  HOWEVER, 2 puppies ship for the price of one!

I'd like to purchase a puppy, what do I do next?

Send a deposit and let me know which one you want!  A deposit is required to hold a puppy.  I allow one week including weekends for your deposit to arrive.  If it does not, I can not keep holding the puppy.  For more details click here!

How can I send the deposit?

For deposits I accept checks, money orders or PayPal.  I can also accept credit cards over the phone using Square Up on my phone.  For the final payment I accept money orders, cash, Square (Credit card) or PayPal. 

If I decide I don't want a puppy anymore can I get my deposit back?  What if I pick one I like better after I have already put a deposit on another puppy?

All money is non-refundable and non-transferable for any reason.  The reason for a deposit is for me to hold the puppy for you.  If I am holding a specific puppy for you, he can not be sold to anyone else.  If I was to transfer the deposit to another puppy, I would be loosing several potential sales while the puppy was marked sold. I would have to start all over looking for a new home for the puppy.

Does my puppy come with a health guarantee?

Yes, a 72 hour health guarantee.  You can see my contract page here.  I stand behind my dogs, but every situation is different and its impossible to write every possible situation on a contract.  If there is ever a problem, it can be dealt with professionally and we can both be happy.  I want everyone who gets a puppy from me to be happy.  If I do not know there is a problem, I can't fix it.

When does my puppy have to be paid in full?

Puppies should be paid for in full by 8 weeks.  They must be paid in full and funds cleared before shipping.

How early can a puppy be picked up?

Puppies can be picked up in person after they have their 8 week shots.  Airlines require that puppies are 8 weeks old to ship. 

Where are you located in case I want to pick up my puppy?

Lawton, Oklahoma.  I'm about an hour south of Oklahoma City and an hour north of Wichita Falls, Tx.  Further out?  About 3 1/2 north hours of  Dallas and 3 hours southwest of Tulsa, Ok.

Can I get more pictures of the puppies?

I spend 4-6 hours a day on my website, 7 days a week.  Pictures are more than likely up to date.  However, I can get more pictures for serious buyers.  If you're just wanting to look at puppy pictures, please save me the time I take to take pics, edit them and put them on my website.  I take picture taking very seriously and its not just a quick thing.  Thanks for your understanding! 

Can I come and meet you and your dogs?

Yes!  If you are purchasing a puppy from me you are more than welcome to come out to meet the dogs and pick up your puppy.

Can we come play with all of the puppies?


I'm sorry, but I do not allow people to come to just  'play with puppies'.  Most of the time, the puppy you are looking for can be narrowed down to 1 or 2 puppies.  I am happy to show someone a puppy that they are seriously interested in.  However, unless the puppy is 8 weeks old, it can not be touched or handled by anyone else.  This being said, most of the time you can see just as much in a video or picture.  I'm always happy to take a quick video to send via text or email if someone wants to see the puppy interacting with me. 

Why can't we handle puppies until they're 8 weeks old?

Safety.   I do not even walk out to my kennel in my street shoes.  Much care is taken not to bring in outside diseases.  If I go to the vet or am around other young dogs I change clothes and shoes before I go out there.  Parvo, among other things, is highly contagious.  It can unknowingly be carried on clothes and skin.  It takes special chemicals to kill Parvo.  This is something that I will not take the chance of exposing my young puppies to.  I don't want sick puppies and I do NOT want to send a puppy home with someone that has been exposed to something I may not even know about.

What if we don't go anywhere before we come?

I'm sorry, I've done it before. I was told, 'we won't go anywhere'.  "We are by no means just 'puppy shopping'.  We will come straight to you.  No pet stores or other kennels before we come see you."  And 45 minutes into the puppy visit after everyone had held and kissed every single puppy I had...the 6 year old boy says..."Mom, this one gives kisses just like the one we just saw at the pound!"   They didn't buy a puppy, they were just out to entertain themselves on a leisurely Sunday afternoon.  Guess what...a few days later, I had my first case of parvo.
It's a hard lesson.  And it was awful.  I can't even put it in words.  But like so many other things in the world today, people like that ruin it for everyone else.
It just isn't worth the risk.

Have you always let people come out?

No.  My house was burnt down in 2011 and I lived in a camper alone out here.  For my safety I did not allow the public to come out.  Think 'craigslist postings'.  There are all kinds of people out there.  In dealing with the public, I've met all kinds.  My safely was first. 

When can we come out?

By appointment only.  I am here most of the time.  I, like most of you, do not appreciate people just showing up at my door.  I am very busy and am always on the go.  I will be happy  to schedule a time to show you the puppies or dogs you'd like to see.
I will not do business with someone that just shows up knocking.  Thank you for respecting my time and personal life. :)

What do I do when I pick my puppy up?

Be prepared, it was a long day and airplane ride.  It is possible he/she may have made a mess in their crate.  A towel might be a handy thing to have just in case.  There will be food on the crate, but a drink of water would be greatly appreciated by your new arrival!  Lots of hugs and kisses are a great welcome!

Is there anything I should NOT do when I pick up my puppy?

Yes!  Do not put your puppy on the ground at the airport to go potty!  Hundreds of people a week pick up their new puppies at the airport where you do.  A huge percent of them let their puppies run around where you would and your new puppy could get sick by walking around where other, possibly sick puppies have been.  You can not be too careful.  Wait until you get somewhere your puppy can safely potty where there have not been a bunch of other puppies.  Gas stations and other parking lots are not the best choice either. 

Can I take my puppy to the dog park or Pets Mart?

Oh, this is scary.  As explained above, this can be dangerous.  Parvo, among other things, is  very easily transferred and is very contagious.  This kills a huge percent of puppies who get it.  If you have to take your puppy to pets mart, don't put him down and don't let strangers handle your puppy.  Puppies are susceptible to parvo until they've had several sets of shots.

I thought my puppy had shots before it was shipped.  Why is it still so dangerous to take him or her out?

Your puppy will be up to date on its shots according to its age when you get it.  Parvo, for example,  is very dangerous and unfortunately can still be contracted after several sets of shots.  You can keep your puppy healthy by making sure its had its full set of shots before you take it to public places!

What shots has my puppy had and what does it need?

Your puppy is up to date according to its age when you get him or her.  Here is some information on what shots your puppy has had and still needs!  Vaccinations page

Do you have more information on this?  What about car sickness?  Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar for smaller puppies?

Yes!  Check out this page!  Its my medical page, you can find helpful information here. 

My puppy doesn't seem to have an appetite.
Why is this?   

Puppies can stress when brought into a new environment.  Remember, they've just landed on a new planet!  New smells, tastes, new people and lots of times- new animal friends too.  Understand they're a little nervous and their tummy my feel a little nervous too.  Encourage them to eat.  If they don't eat on their first night home, call me right away!  I have plenty of tips to help you get your new puppy to eat.  Not eating can become serious very quickly.  Do not let it go and assume he'll eat when he's hungry.  Read below about hypoglycemia.  Just because they aren't a fragile toy breed doesn't mean their blood sugar can't drop quickly with  not enough food or rest.  This can be life threatening!

What is hypoglycemia and what are the symptoms? 
What can I do?

HYPOGLYCEMIA, or low blood sugar, is common in toy breed dogs and puppies. Because small Toy Aussie puppies carry little body fat or reserves, if they become overly stressed, miss a meal, over exercise, etc., they may experience a dangerous drop in glucose (sugar) in their blood. This drop causes the puppy to become weak, lethargic, nauseous and generally unwell. Hypoglycemia is LIFE THREATENING if left untreated. You must intervene and get your puppy's sugars up and stabilized.
I have put together a page with information about hypoglycemia.  What to watch for, what to do and when you need to consider going to the vet.  This is not something to mess around with and it's can affect any small puppy no matter how healthy it is. 
Hypoglycemia Information Page

What if I have questions or concerns after I have my puppy?

Call anytime.  Please don't hesitate.  If you have a serious problem and need help you can even call in the middle of the night.  I would be happy to help with anything I can.  I turn my cell phone off when I go to bed but in an emergency you can also try 580-284-3443.

What if I want to breed my dog?

That is fine, please if you're going to do so, all I ask is that you do it responsibly.   I sell my dogs as pets.  When you buy a dog/puppy from me, its your dog to do with what you want!  But please remember, do this at your own risk.  Complications can arise.  Educate yourself.  If you have questions feel free to ask.  I'd be glad to help.

I'm interested in adult dog or older puppy to breed in the future...what is your guarantee?

Adult dogs and older puppies that I raised are under the same 72 hour genetic guarantee that puppies are.  I can not foresee any problems that might arise and can not guarantee any dog to be a good 'breeder' or a good mother.  That is a chance we all take when we buy a dog to breed.  I will not sell a dog to breed that I know is unsound or unfit to breed.  So, to be very guarantee at all other than the 72 hour genetic guarantee. 

Can you help me pick a dog compatible for breeding with mine?

Absolutely.  I would be more than happy to help you pick a puppy that would work best for you!  If you need help getting started, I'd be happy to help you out as much as possible. I know what its like to get started, its hard to learn as you go.  No one was there to help get started, so I would be happy to help anyone who is serious about learning more about mini aussies.

Do aussie puppies go through a weird 'teenage' stage?

OH YES!  Just like people, some more than others...but sometimes they will go through a stage where they have no hair.  They're all legs and ears and you wonder what the heck you bought!?  Well take a few pictures and try not to be too disappointed because after 2-3 months of this, all of the sudden one day they will be a different dog!  You'll want that picture to laugh at later!  Most of you who watch my website have seen some of these guys grow up.  From my experience the ugliest ones are just ugly ducklings and they turn into the most beautiful dogs! I actually made a page just to show you how much they can change in just a couple months time! Check out my UGLY page!

You just ran a special and I've already purchased a puppy, does that special apply to my puppy? Specials only apply to puppies that are purchased during a special or sale.
Specials and sales only apply to puppies being purchased.  If a puppy is being traded out or exchanged the special price does not apply. 

What dog food do you feed?

I only feed Royal Canin.  I feed Mini Adult to my adult dogs and Mini Puppy to my bred dogs and puppies.  If you have a dog that is very active or needs to gain weight, Royal Canin Special is a good choice.  A puppy who is a picky eater?  Royal Canin Baby Dog is something I always keep on hand.  Royal Canin Starter Mousse is apparently really yummy and is something I give my new moms and young puppies.
Here is a link to their website for nutritional info.

Where can I buy this dog food?

Well, this is not the kind of dog food they sell at Walmart.  This is truly a quality dog food.  You can find it at larger chain pet stores.  Pets Mart, Pet Sense, etc. 
If you live close or are picking up your puppy, you can get a bag or 3 from me.  I buy it by the ton every month so I get a pretty good discount.  (Royal Canin is all I will feed my dogs)  I am happy to pass this savings on to my customers.  Several of my customers  come and pick up a bag or two at a time from me on a regular basis.  If you need more than that, I will gladly order more as long as I know before 'order day'.

How much is this dog food?

Here is the link to 'PETSMART'|Dog
They are asking $35.49 for a 13 pound bag of Mini Puppy.    $38 for a 14 pound bag of Mini Adult.
COMPARE TO SCIENCE DIET: $31 15.5 lb bag of puppy.    $38 for 15lbs toy breed adult
I can promise you that your dog will eat 1/2 as much Royal Canin and waste (poop) 1/2 as much.  That means you can divide the price by almost 1/2.
Try it!  If I'm wrong, I'd love to know.  But if you try Royal Canin dog will not be happy changing to anything else.  They love the Royal Canin dog food.

Can I get it from you cheaper?

Yes.  If you're close enough to pick up dog food I'd be happy to sell it to you for what I pay for it.  I pay about $34 for a 30lb bag of puppy food.  Much better than pet store prices.  (everyone has to make their buck somewhere right?)  If you would like more than a couple of bags, please let me know as far in advance as possible so I can make sure that I have enough for myself. 
Most of my customers who are able to come here and pick up puppies take at least 1 bag home with them.  I always keep an extra 5-10 bags of puppy food. :)

I would like to buy dog food in bulk too.  Can you tell me where to order?

Of course!  Just give me a call at your convince and I'd be happy to get you all of the info to get the dog food at the same price I do.  I believe they require a minimal order of 25 bags.  But you do not have to order every month. 
If it's easier to get a smaller amount from me every month that is fine with me too.  We get dog food delivered every month.  Sometimes the challenge for people is having the place to store a large amount of dog food if you don't go through it fast enough.  Either way is fine.



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