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I do have some other adults available that are not on my site yet.  Please call to inquire if interested.  

Package deals available, some prices can be slightly negotiable.  Please call and ask!



These dogs are NOT retired - they are not the same price as retired (spay/neuter) dogs.

I have kept back several puppies.  Another generation that I'm super excited about.
For this reason I'm going to let go of some of my adult dogs that I have kept puppies out of.

Some of these dogs are going because they don't fit in to my facilities.  I'll explain.
I don't keep my dogs in 'pens'.  They stay in yards.  Big yards, like the size of a big back yard.  About 75x100 ft.  For this reason I run 3-4 dogs per yard.  It would be a waste of space to just have 2 to a yard and sometimes as we all know 3 can be a crowd so...I have to have dogs that get along well with everyone.
I can't have dogs that want to pick on the less dominant dogs or dogs that are too submissive.  Dogs that guard feeders don't stay here too long either. 
Believe it or not, most aren't a problem.  BUT if there is a chance someone isn't going to safely fit in, I'd rather sell them then keep them in 'jail'.  When someone inquires about a dog, personality specifics are talked about just as much as size, color, etc.  I want to make sure my dogs will be a good fit in their new homes.  If you aren't happy they aren't happy and my dogs are my #1 priority. 

see adult pages for reference if needed.

Double blue eyed tri male
Stitch x Deja
14 1/2 inches
DOB 4-15-18
Both parents testing on website.
All clear

Prince Harry
Rambler x Richie
DOB 12-16-2017
15 inches
Very sweet and social.  Great personality.
more info soon

Lindsey's Stylish Impulse "Style"

Sire: CH Lindsey's Smokin' Guns "Smoke"

Dam: CH Color Country's Achy Breaky Heart "Achy"

DOB 12-30-16

15 inches

She's been picking on younger and smaller dogs.  She's fine with dogs her size, but she doesn't work here.  Keep this in mind, as this is the reason she's for sale.  We have too many out playing together at once for her to be out playing with our tiny toys and puppies.


CH. Flip is a proven male.  He's produced some amazing puppies.  Small, lots of copper, personality plus, blue eyed tris and of course plenty of champions. 
He is very sweet and is a good breeder.  He has earned his championship title as did his mom and dad.  He's a son of Hotshot and Mandi.  He is still an aggressive breeder and has not had any problems breeding females.  His last litter was born in April of 2018.
His DOB is 9-1-2012
$2000 to approved home.  $350 NEUTERED BEFORE he leaves as a pet.  No- he isn't already house trained but he does use a dog door to go outside.
Working on listings now. 
Please note:  Bred dogs may or may not be able to go before they have puppies.  Some (depending on the situation) may have to stay until their puppies are weaned.  Deposits can be placed to hold a dog until she's ready.  I'm working to get birthdays and prices up.
CH. Player

This is Player, she is a daughter of Possum and Ditto.  She's 14 inches tall and she's pretty impressive!  She has earned her championship title in conformation as well as both her sire and dam.
Clear for everything except MDR1 carrier

Ditto.  Female/SPAYED (Pet home)

$500 Spayed pet
Very sweet girl.  It'll take a special home for me to let her go anywhere! :)


Pierre is 12 inches tall.  He's a very sweet boy. Proven producer.  I just haven't been using him.
He has been a house dog and has earned his Canine Good Citizenship Award.
 His DOB is 3-21-2015  $1500
CH. Spinner is an outstanding producer.  He throws the sweetest puppies with tons of coat.  He's 11 inches tall.  He has earned his championship title as did his sire.  He has had a lot of puppies for me that have been shown and earned their titles as well.  Spinner is a sweet boy and gets along with everyone.  He has a sweet nature and often ends up babysitting puppies 12 weeks to 6 months old.  He's about their size and he's so kind and sweet.
DOB 10-12-13
CH. Blues is a nice outside male for me.  He has awesome copper and nice conformation.
He's an aggressive breeder and a busy boy.  He's a little more high drive than some others I have.
He has earned his championship title along with several of his pups. 
He's just under 15 inches tall.  He's 5 years old and hasn't missed a female for me.
DOB 12-25-2012


I'm keeping several puppies back so I'm selling a few of my dogs that I already have kept a few generations back from.
More will be available after they have and raise their current litters.  Check in anytime!


















Don't see what you're looking for?  Ask me, I might have something for ya!







Please read my adult dog contract.  If you buy a dog from me, you are agreeing to my contract if you sign it or not.
Adult Contract


Things to consider when purchasing an adult dog to breed....


I have some wonderful dogs retiring soon.  They are looking for their perfect homes.  If you see something that you like, please read the description.  These are adult dogs and aren't as easy to shape and mold exactly as you want like a puppy is.  If you're looking for an adult, do yourself, the dog and me all a favor and pick your match by the dog's personality other than their looks!  PLEASE call anytime to ask as many questions as you want!  I want these guys to have the perfect homes.

I will describe the dogs to the best of my ability.  If you want to find the perfect adult dog, call me!  Tell me what you're looking for. This is sometimes easiest.  If you can tell me about yourself, I can help you pick the dog that best fits you.

Things to remember:

Please remember, these are Aussies, not Labs.  They don't just love, lick and wag at everyone they see. 
Aussies are very loyal, obedient and live to please their human.
With this comes the being naturally stand-offish of strangers.  This is breed standard.  Some warm up faster than others.
Some will be afraid of loud children, while others will welcome it.
Aussies are sensitive.  It doesn't take much to discipline them.  While you have to continuously chase a lab around with the shoe it keeps chewing on every day, a firm word and occasionally a firm hand is all it takes to convince an aussie that you're not pleased and that's the end of it.  Aussies live to please you and react better to positive reinforcement.  Please do your research on the breed, especially before deciding on an adult dog. 
Puppies adjust well to almost any situation.  While adult dogs can take more time, patience and understanding.
Knowing the dog's personality that you're choosing will help a great deal.  Please remember to keep that your FIRST priority. 
You'll be happier and so will the dog. 
These dogs have taken care of me, now it's my turn to take care of them.  They aren't just going to the first person to call.  They are going to find homes that fit them, where they can be happy and live out the rest of their lives.

Price?  Their prices are simply the cost of Spay/Neuter, final vet check, a teeth cleaning and grooming.
About $400 or less.

Shipping is separate. Pick up so you can meet the dog is preferred, but not a must if we both feel the home is a fit.

*While I don't mean to discourage any calls or inquiries, I DO NOT sell my retire dogs to just anyone.  People that call just wanting the blue one for $150 do not get one of my dogs.  These dogs are individuals and the rest of their life depends on me finding them a good home.  They don't have a say in the matter, it's up to me. PLEASE understand that they all have individual personalities.  As an older dog this is the MOST IMPORTANT THING.  If you have ideas in mind for what you want for a dog (agility, working in a nursing home, a drug dog...) or if you have young kids, please consider a puppy, they adapt much easier to any situation.  Puppies fit in almost any home while an adult Aussie needs a home to fit them.  I'd be more than happy to explain or help you pick which one fits you.  This way everyone is happy.  You don't want a dog that you'll be disappointed in and I'd rather send you one that is exactly what you were dreaming of.


Cooter has found his forever home in Louisiana!  He will be making his final appearance with me at the ASDR show here in May.  A wonderful young lady named Lauren drove all of the way here to meet him and it was love at first sight for both of them.  Cooter isn't that old, but he has been a huge part of my breeding program, a wonderful pet and entertainer.  I have kept several of his puppies, grand puppies and great grand-puppies! 
He deserves nothing less than what he's getting.  His person, who will be his one and only.  A warm spot on the couch and a twice monthly visit to the doggy spa!  I wanted the perfect home for him and it looks like I found it! 
Lauren is coming to the show in May to help me show him and others.  She'll be taking him home from there!

He has a few litters due between now and then.  If you've ever wanted a 'Cooter baby' you better look now!

Thanks Lauren!  Maybe we'll even see you and Cooter at more dog shows in the future!



As of right now, all of my older adult girls have found homes. 
Thanks for looking at my older girls.  :)


Please note: these dogs don't have to go anywhere.  They can live out the rest of their lives running loose out here.  I just prefer them to have their own spot on the couch.
There comes a point when all of the couches and chairs are full that the doors have to be closed and some of these guys have to stay outside for the evening. 
I would love nothing more for them to have their own lives with their new family who adores them and has just another dog or two to devote their time to.

On FB:
Lots to do on my website tonight. But in good company! Tommy, Monster, Agent, Leah, Furby, Baby Girl, Lovey (the resident rescue poodle), Monster, Shorty, Peggy Sue, Jasmine, Chica, Doodle, Sexy and Barbie. Not in the picture is Possum, Maybelline, Mali and Dennis. It's a full house tonight! Lovin' every minute of it!

It's so important to me that people considering adopting one of these guys understand that these are not just dogs to me.
They are family. They deserve the very best.  They are dogs, they don't have the power to make decisions for themselves.
They don't have a voice to say what they want or don't want.
God has trusted me with these babies and it's my job to make sure that where they go is in their best interest.

Here are a couple of numbers of a family (daughter, mother and grandmother) who have adopted adult dogs from me.
Please feel free to call them with any questions you might have!
Lauren 225-287-0722
Cherie 225-324-5852
Beverly 225-788-6641











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Don't see what you're looking for?  Ask me!
I might have what you want!  Just give me a call.

Click here to read my adult dog contract.

Remember, if you buy a dog or puppy from me, you are agreeing to my contract.  Thank you!


Ask   about   package   deals!

I would actually sell any of these dogs bred for additional costs. 
Plenty references readily available.  Just ask!  Or check my 'Satisfied Owners Page'! 






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