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99% of my customers and even most of my closest friends for that matter, live in other states.  Videos are an excellent way to get a better feel for what the dogs are like and a better idea of where they come from.  Welcome to my kennel and enjoy my dogs, one of my very favorite things in life.



Playing in the water

Playing with puppies in the playpen

Todd and Mali monkey playing with the puppies





The video above was taken April 19th. 
Litters include Riot, Lexie and Rewind.

This video was taken April 19th.
Litters include Rebel Chic, Riot, Yeti and Lilly.

Video taken April 6th includes puppies from the following litters:
Rewind, Twila, Lilly, Riot and Match.



The 4 videos taken on March 24th.
Litters include Lilly, Twila, Riot, Yeti and Lexi.
Yeti is in 2 of the videos playing with the puppies.
Tripod is an another video.  She's the black bi.

Above video include puppies from Ditto, Flirt, Annie and Boots litters.
Video taken on 2-20-17

Everyone out to play together before 2 days of rain.
Video taken morning of Feb. 13th.
There is another 4 minute video on
my YouTube channel.

I upload new videos to my Lindsey's Aussies facebook page quite often.
If you haven't already found me and 'liked' it, find the link below and follow me!
 You can also subscribe my
YouTube channel.


Litters include-Gia, Ditto, Mystery and Annie.
Video taken Feb. 4th


Video taken 1-25-17 includes these litters-Boots, Flirt and Ditto.



Videos above taken 1-25-17 includes puppies from
Flirt, Betty, Boots and Ditto's litters.

Video above taken 1-25-17.  Video includes puppies from these litters:
Gia, Barbie and Mystery.






Video of puppies playing this afternoon.  10-5-16
Litters include Jackie, Ella, Smudge and Braylin.
Mali Monkey also makes an appearance once or twice. 

Puppies play with Mali on 9-23


Video above taken 8-31. 
Litters include, Gambles, Rewind and Braylin


Video above taken 8-26.







Above videos taken July 27th.
Litters in the videos include Rebel Chic, Puzzle, Flirt, Critter, Nakita, Amy and Betty.


There are several different litters (and age groups) in this video. You'll see a difference in activity in the different ages. The older ones are obviously more active and much more agile. The younger ones are clumsy and a little slower. It's neat to see the difference and watch them grow.
Litters in the above litter include Nakita, Drew, Otter, Kay, Pistol and Flirt.
Taken 6-6-16

Taken 5-29-2016
Litters in video above include puppies from Nakita, Flirt, Otter and Critter's litters.

Video taken 5-11-16
Litters include Pistol, Okie, Kay and Polly Pockets






Litters in this video include Special, Gia, Sue, Ella and Match.

Litters in this video include Special, Gia, Sue, Ella and Match.

Litters in this video include Special, Gia, Sue, Ella and Match.


Litters above include Lilly, Maggie and Boots.

This video above has puppies from Britches, Achy, Puzzle, Gambles and Ditto. 
They range from 7 to 12 weeks old.



Video above features puppies from Gambles, Puzzle, Britches and Ditto's litters.




The video above includes:
Rusty, Twitter, Breanna and Braylin puppies.


























Some of my favorite dogs relaxing in the shade.  Enjoying summer '11 with me!


Some of my dogs enjoying the nice spring weather.  If you turn the volume I tell who's who...if you can keep up! :)
This is Fancy! She's a 10 inch, toy Australian Shepherd. She LOVES Mali monkey. She plays with her all day. Fancy is such a sweet girl, always right on my heels, jumping up and licking me. That little thing can jump all of the way past my elbow! She's full of personality and demands attention. She's a guaranteed laugh, every day.
I had just put a new Preventic collar on her before this video, being the drama queen she is she played with that collar all day. Every time she saw me looking at her she'd rub her head and shoulders on the ground or paw at her face. She'd catch me peeking around the corner and start her little show all over again. What a hoot she is!


Some of the dogs playing in the sand.  We were getting ready to pour a cement slab.  They loved the cool sand.  They dug and wrestled in it for hours!


Monster showing Rowdy the ropes.  He has always fought me with the leash.  I let Monster be the bad guy and it went so much more smoothly!  He now walks on a leash wonderfully!  He probably appreciates that I don't yank him around!  He got the hang of it in just a few minutes.  Now she's teaching him to come as soon as I call.  Opossum taught Monster to come just like this a year ago.


Pat and Ricki play in their yard.  Early March 2011.


Fenix and Tessa.  They're in love.  ;) 



Monster herding at her first ASDR dog show.  She sure loves ducks!  Herding instinct test?  HIGH!  This was her first time ever seeing ducks!



Prince, a grandson of Cooter.  He was not one of my pups, but I was called when he needed a home.  I found him an amazing home in only a day.  He now has a family of 4 that he adores!



CH. Sneak Preview playing with her 12 wk old puppies.  She loves them so much.  Even though they have been weaned for weeks, she asks to see them every day.  I think she really considers them the most fun play-toys she's ever had!



A longer, more detailed video of Sneak Preview's beautiful litter.


CH. Sneak Preview x CH. Our Blue Jake's litter.  She is such a good mother, loves her babies so much!  What a wonderful dog she is.  She is one of my favorite dogs.  Never in the way, but always just a step behind me.  Good with her puppies and would be happy to babysit anyone else's pups anytime!






Monster and friends playing on a fall day!




Doodle Bug showing off her doodlebug crawl.  The video features Satch, Vegas, Sky, Hollywood Style and Oreo Jr.




Rowdy and Roxy kiddos of Peggy Sue x Sniper.  Cowboy Rowdy is staying here as a future stud dog.  Roxy found a wonderful home in Texas!



CH. Rebel Chic, CH. Supernatural Request, their sister (not yet shown) and CH. Hotwheels all pictured at about 10 months old.  Turning out nice, not much coat yet, but beautiful pups.  Hotwheles is about 10 inches and the girls are about 11.


Two Laura x Sniper puppies that now reside up north!  These girls did amazing at their first ASDR show on their way to their new home.  They, along with their littermate brother, Mr. Big, earned their championship titles before they were 4 months old.  They'll spend more time in the show ring as they mature.  Watch out!  The judge in Kentucky had lots of nice things to say about both girls.



CH. Tyler.  He is a neat boy, believe it or not, he's only 11 inches tall and weighs 19lbs!  He's now co-owned, living as a king in Texas!



Monster and Mali are great friends.  They're trying to stay cool on one of our 113* + Oklahoma days.  Mali can't swim, but thanks to that cord that is always attached to her, she doesn't worry about drowning. 




My kennel tour, taken summer of 2010.  We're adding on, I'm hoping to get a new video in the summer of 2011.  Winter storms sure do slow things down, but I'm excited to get things running soon!



CH. Mandi & CH. Vegas liter playing with Mali.




Wickett is one in a million.  Among other silly things she does, she loves to sit in a bowl (or in this case a bucket) full of dog food.  Wickett is full of personality and surprises. 




Just a few of my dogs playing in the yard on a warm summer day.  Video includes Wickett, Bing,  Maybelline, Monster, Dizzy, Kickin' Assets and Lovey (the farm poodle).




Mali playes with Monster while she tries to sleep.  Tyler is un-amused by the whole monkey playing with a stick thing. 





One of my favorites, Mali feeding Monster a pretzel.  This was my entertainment on our way to our first American Stock Dog Show in Missouri.  I love how she wants Monster to eat the pretzel but then she wants to watch her eat it.  She's so curious.




Mali checks out her best friend Monster, for...I don't know, bugs...?  Monster is so used to her, she just sleeps through it.  Monster and Mali are great buds.  Ask me what happened when I let Monster babysit!





Bing is such a beautiful boy.  He has such a beautiful gait.  I have had the hardest time getting pictures to do him justice.  This video doesn't get much closer to doing justice than the 100s of crappy photos I've taken.  Maybe in the spring...



Peggy Sue and Monster are great friends.  This is Monster, CONSTANTLY.  She is absoutly always herding someone around, growling and carrying on.  Peggy Sue gets around pretty good for a 3 legged dog huh? 




Layla, Mitzi (now lives in Texas) and Olivia (now lives in Canada), toy black tri sisters.  They are both measured at 11 inches tall.  They are young in this video, still a little on the lean side, teenagers.  Enjoying their yard in the spring.






Peggy Sue and Monster play as a mini pup (same age) watches and tries to join in the fun.   This gives just an idea of how tiny they really are.  That mini only matured at 15 1/2 inches.  Doesn't she look huge!?






Monster as a young pup in the front yard.  She has spent a lot of time with us at the house.  What a wonderful little girl she is!  So easy to house train.  She learned with my boys (Opossum & Tommy) very quickly. 




Cooter and a couple of his favorite ladies napping on a warm day.  Lazy dogs!  This video includes FAT Maggie, Diva and Fendi of Blue Horizon.  She now lives in West Virginia.  Oh, looks like Penny is in there too.  They love the holes and tunnels they dig.  Some say I should cover them up or fill them in.  The dogs love 'em, they're DOGS!  Their holes don't hurt anything.  Except when I'm mowing...





Shadow (the lab) can be so patient!  Maybelline, Monster, Opossum, Tommy and Review.  All Championed except Tommy (the yorkie) who is my little champion.  ;)




Au-Shis!  Aussie/Shih Tzus.  They don't shed...they're adorable.  Enough said.




Some of my beautiful puppies I was keeping back.  Peggy Sue, Blue Moon, Monster, Kickin Assets, Optical Illusion, Opossum and Mali Monkey.




Playing with puppies at the kennel.  Billie x Hotshot, Leah x Hotshot, Dottie x Jake puppies. 



David playing with the babies.



Mali playing with her good friend Blink.  A Diva x Cooter puppy.  He now lives in Oregon and is a beautiful stud dog!



Opossum plays with his ball.  When I buy him one, I buy him 3!  He plays with them until they all pop.  He has so much fun!



The fun doesn't stop just because he comes inside....




CH. Cinch hangs out in the back yard with Stretch the camel while Dennis grills steaks.  You can see more of Stretch at www.PorterHorses.com/stretch.htm 



David playing with a Dottie x Jake litter.




Opossum doing Agility.  This was his first day to ever see the equipment.  He loved it and I felt like a kid on a playground!  He did it all, without fault, in the allotted time, with no leash!  I was one proud mama!  What a wonderful dog Opossum is.  I'm so lucky to have him in my life as my constant companion. 



This table is by far the most viewed video I have on youtube.  Well over 300,000 views!?  Mali is quite popular!  You can see more of Mali on my website too.  She has her own page.  www.PorterHorses.com/monkey.htm

Although you can see all of these videos on my YouTube channel, I thought I would share some of my favorites.  I'll be adding videos as I get them. 
Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed yourself!


 A touching video I wanted to share.
Dogs are so much more amazing than even us dog lovers give them credit for!
This will bring tears to your eyes, kind of hard to watch the first part.




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