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Youíll be getting your new puppy soon!!

You have probably already read tons of info on my website about the arrival of your new puppy and what to expect.  But I have just a few last minute things for you to know.

Going to the airport!
Your puppy has been in the crate for a few hours and in a perfect world, will be as clean as it was when it left this morning.  But just in case, you might pack a towel and maybe a few wet wipes to make it home. 

Donít put your puppy down!
No matter how bad you want to, do NOT put your puppy on the ground at the airport.  Puppies fly in and out of the airport all day every day.  Not all of the puppies that fly in your airport are 100% healthy and probably 95% of people put their puppies on the ground as soon as they get them out of the crate.  You donít want to take those germs home with you and your new puppy.  The same goes for pet stores, dog parks and other high traffic dog areas.  Remember, just because they have been vaccinated doesnít mean they cannot get sick.  And there are lots of things that we canít vaccinate for. 

Baby that puppy!
Your new puppy is going to be thirsty.  Hopefully by the time you are home and things settle down a little bit, your new baby will have its appetite back and be ready to eat.
Eating, drinking and getting plenty of sleep is very important for your new family member.  Remember they are still babies so treat them like one!  He or she will need to eat before you go to bed.  Make sure they have some quiet time to slow down and eat.  If they are not at all interested in their food, canned Royal Canin Mousse is usually very appetizing.  Anything to get a little bit in their tummy is a good thing.  Even in the case that you need to give them a few bites of lunch meat.  They need SOMETHING good in their belly before they go to bed or they will not feel good in the morning.  Think of how you feel if you have waited too long to eat.  You start feeling bad and then you really donít want to eat.  We donít want to do that with the new puppy. 
They must also eat and drink first thing in the morning. 
They are used to eating anytime they want so when they see dog food, they donít necessarily think they have to eat it before itís gone.  They expect it to always be there.  You can start feeding them 2-3 times a day if that is what works best for your schedule, but remember, they donít know the food will be taken away if they donít eat it.  Change them over slowly.  Make sure in the meantime they have plenty in their belly. 
Rest is important.  In a whole new world with lots to explore and endless kisses to give it can be hard for a puppy to find the time to get a nap in.  Make sure that your baby gets plenty of sleep.  If it gets exhausted or forgets to eat it can become hypoglycemic very quickly.   If you havenít already, please read my page on Hypoglycemia.  www.porterhorses.com/hypoglycemia.htm   There is a lot of useful information on that page too.

Vaccines that your puppy  has had and will need.
As for vaccinations, your puppy has been completely kept up to date on worming and vaccinations.  We worm puppies every two weeks from the time it is 2 weeks old and we vaccinate on their weekly birthdays so it is easy to keep up with.   If you get your puppy at 8 weeks this is what itís been given.

Shots are given on their weekly birthdays.

5 weeks Neo-Par (parvo only)
6 weeks Bordatella
7 weeks Neo-Vac (distemper only)
8 weeks Bordatella booster and 5 way vaccine

Wormer is given every 2 weeks from 2 weeks of age.
Pyrantel is given until 6 weeks and then at 8 weeks 3-5 days of Panacure.

Marquis is given as a preventive of coccidia at 3 days, 2, 4, 6 & 8 weeks.

Please do not worm your puppy for at least a week or until it has had time to adjust and is eating well.

Why do we do shots at these times?
It's very important to remember that vaccines don't take effect immediately. It takes 10-14 days for a vaccine to give a puppy any protection.
A shot given at 6 weeks old is just beginning to take effect at 8 weeks old.
NeoPar is a very safe vaccine that is made just for Parvo. The Doctors at Neo Tec who make the vaccine are very helpful in answering any questions about vaccinations, how they work and the importance of timing when vaccinating puppies. Their website is NeoTecVaccines.com 1-877-636-8324

Why do we worm so often?
Worming your puppy doesn't kill worm eggs. Only the worms. It's a process. You have to stop the life cycle of the worms.


You will need to follow up with 12 week vaccinations and then Rabies as itís required in your state.
If the puppy is over 12 weeks old when you take possession of it, itís had its 12 week shots and you can take it from there. 

I have sent some NuVet daily vitamins with your puppy to get you through until your order arrives.  CLICK HERE to read more about NuVet and why it's important.  Order your first month's supply now so you're prepared when your puppy arrives!

If you have any other questions, as always, feel free to call, text or email.  Anytime.  Now or 5 years from now.  Iím always happy to be able to help.


Iíd love if youíd stay in touch and send pictures from time to time.  If youíd like to email something I could use as a reference on my website I would love that.  Thank you for giving one of my babies a forever home!


Lindsey OíKeeffe

Lindseyís Aussies aka PorterHorses