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 Here are a few of the pictures I have of her.  They show her growing up, making friends and enjoying family outings.  She's a wonderful girl, so friendly, loves everyone and is always a ton of fun no matter what you're doing.  Never a dull moment with Mali around! 

Mali's baby pictures
She was such a tiny thing!  I didn't know what to do with her!  She didn't move around much as a baby.  Just hung on to anything she could and stuck her tongue out all of the time.  What a silly girl.  First she discovered her tongue, then when she found her tail, she didn't let it go for 3 days!

She has always been around as many people as possible.  I wanted her to love everybody...and she does.  She's checking out his beard!

Giving hugs and talking in the first pic, tasting/kisses and then more love!


Tiny girl! What an innocent face! Basket ball girl!  She loves to hang on my leg! Sharing a sandwich at Sonic.  Sonic is one of her favorite places to go!  She always gets a banana and some tea!



Taking some fun, old time pictures with Mali at the local festival.  She definitely attracts attention everywhere we go! 
Some of you might know Michelle Ringwald from Blue Horizon Toy Aussies in Florida.

Meeting a rattlesnake at the Rattlesnake Festival...curious...she trusts me 100%!

Trail riding...


She always just hangs around my neck/shoulders.  This is where she's comfortable and its pretty easy and comfortable for me too. Riding at the lake and the mountains.  She doesn't enjoy riding as much as I do, but she's been a lot of miles on a lot of different horses!


Mali is up on my shoulder watching!  I think even she was laughing at him! She found some shade under my pony tail!


Mali on the ski trip.
She enjoyed the lift, she always popped out, surprised everyone and made new friends every single time.  Most people didn't notice her when she was on my neck.  She's very good about staying on my shoulders unless I tell her she can get down.  She knows better!  Not to mention, it was warmer under my jacket!  She is  the best neck warmer in the world!


Mali isn't scared of anything if I'm close enough.  She's hanging outside of the gondola lift as we go to the top of the mountain.  Licking the snow off the skis! Meeting a new friend on the lift.  One of the many people she entertained on that trip! Hanging on the window of the gondola lift.


Mali opens her mouth when she's excited, checking something out or of course, just talking.  She had a blast! Dennis sharing his sandwich with Mali for lunch.  She always insists that we share, no matter what we're eating!  Mali just hanging out.  She's seen it all, nothing bothers her!


Mali waking me up with huge hugs and kisses.  Ready to ski a black!  Doesn't bother her at all.  She just relaxes and enjoys the ride! Family photo!


Meeting new friends at the snow board place...
They were so excited to meet her!  She showed off her friendly personality!

Typical, Mali... stealing tips! She likes his hat! Helping work on the boards!

A few lake pictures!


Mali never turns down a chip!  Kids love her! Mali and Tommy hanging out at Party Cove. Mali and Opossum on the boat.


Can you find Mali? Left side... Girls day...Can you find her here?  Look front row, middle. Mali found some shade behind Michelle!


Mali isn't dumb, the further you go in the water, the higher she goes! She's hangin' with the girls! 


Mali at the mountains, ready to go rappelling!

She's checking out the stuff in the rocks!  Look at those little hands!  She's so curious!

Monkey see monkey do!  She was looking over before we rappelled down!

Monkey love!  Kisses and hugs and I love her  face in that 2nd picture!



Rappelling down my leg...! Yes, she's around my neck, ready to go down! We made it down twice, ready to go again!

Halloween costume contest!

Tarzan, Jane and baby Cheetah!  So much fun!  She did so good!  Nothing phases her! Doing a line dance with her!  Look how relaxed she is her first time in a loud, crowded, smoky club.  She saw someone she recognized, huge hugs!!

Around the house and random pictures!

Helping decorate the Christmas tree, meeting Santa and of course playing in all of the wrapping paper after opening presents!

Yes, she gives herself a shower!  Turn on the water, add shampoo and she does the rest!  She loves showers.  She can turn the water on herself.

Finishing off the camel's bottle, hanging out in the yard and finishing off my Gatorade!

Mali doing a birthday party at the church.  She did wonderful and the kids had a blast asking questions and taking turns petting the monkey!

This is where Mali hangs out in the winter time.  Inside my coveralls! She loves Braum's burgers, fries and of course that occasional bite of ice cream! She loves puppies!  Always giving hugs to little animals!


Mali doing what she loves, eating!  Isn't she cute in her shorts! She got messy with her peanut butter/jelly sandwich!  She is pulling jelly off her forehead! Cuddling on the couch with a blanket after coming in from a long cold day!

Mali looked so cute in this coat, but she didn't agree!

Mali is on top, biting her new friend's diaper!


I love this picture! Nothing too big for her!


Playing under Dennis' hat!  She always rides on the dash in the car. So cute, couldn't leave it out!

Self explanatory...love these pics.  Too cute!


Always so curious!

Mali loves puppies!  She is always very gentle.   Yes, even when tasting them!  LOL. 

A great quality picture of Mali.  I love how focused it is on her face!

And a few of the video's I have of her...

















More videos on youtube.  Just look for Mali monkey!


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